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Катушка жёсткого 2-х полюсного намагничивания

Артикул: DD2851
Производитель: Laboratorio Elettrofisico

Bitter 2-Pole axial magnetization for exellent heat dissipation, better strenght resistance, constructed without epoxy for a longer life span.

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Bitter axial coil is composed of copper sheets. These sheets are cut with a pattern that forced the electric current to run along the inner edge, and run around the hole, withun which is the magnetizing volume. The coil sheets are then connected to each other in stacks. The remaining sheet metal around each conductive path acts as a thermally conductive fin — with a surface area much larger than a wire of comparable size would have. This fixture is encased in an IP30 box.
Bitter 2-Pole axial magnetization coil
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